Last Romance (1988)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-10-20
Summary: Pretty dull
Is it possible to make a really dull love story with such a fine cast ? Well, Yonfan has a serious crack at it here.

Most of this film follows the (mostly) enduring friendship of two very different women and the man they both long for. A lot of it seems to fall under the category of lifestyles of the rich, and it is very hard to feel anything for the petty troubles of two such shallow characters.

A little emotional intensity finally wells up near the end, but it's not enough. Even as an ardent fan of Maggie Cheung, I found it hard to stay awake. It's very talky, mostly very girly, and too dull. The only other bonus for staying to the end is Sally Yeh's wonderful song over the end credits (one of her big hits, but I don't know the English title. It has the same Chinese title as this film, and translates word by word as "Run Money Year Month").

Not recommended.
Reviewer Score: 2