Blood Sorcery (1986)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-10-20
Summary: Whadda Loada Rubbish
Those terrific old troopers Kwan Hoi San and Guk Fung made a bunch of these sort of films in the 80s, but this is the least watchable of them.

Even the inclusion of doe-eyed darling Jo Jo Ngan couldn't save it. Part of the problem is that her main talent is to look luscious sans clothing. She does in fact do two nude scenes, but they are more tease than delivery. One is a shower scene, where she is show clearly full frontal except it's behind the shower screen. Aaargh !

Everyone more or less walks through their parts. The horror is there, but it's more gross than scary. Centipedes in the noodles and tons of fake blood, with Guk Fung wildly waving his arms around.

The end credits show the Presenter of this twaddle is Jintana Ferrera. Every film I have seen of his has sucked and, had I known in advance he was associated, I'd have avoided this one too. Don't you make the same mistake !
Reviewer Score: 2