Pom Pom and Hot Hot (1992)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2001-10-21
Summary: Highly enjoyable bullet ballet
POM POM & HOT HOT - Buddy cop type movie with Jackie Cheung and Alfred Cheung as the 'unconvential' cops with attitude, and Lam Ching Ying as their long suffering chief officer. The cops are sent undercover in a case of weapons smuggling, which all gets a bit dangerous. Features a large sub-plot involving Jackie's cousin from Mainland China and his absolutely dreadful treatment of sister Loletta Lee, and a bunch of incredibly OTT gunplay sequences. Lots of leaping, diving, swinging from ropes with guns blazing and all that is most enjoyable about HK approaches to gunfights. Sadly the Ocean Shores DVD is full frame with original theatrical subs that are frequently clipped at the sides, but the movie remains enjoyable regardless.

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