Final Romance (2001)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2001-10-24
Summary: As the name implies...
This is a rather bland movie if you ask me, with a very typical plotline for a romance film. That being said, since I was watching this with my girlfriend the movie became enjoyable, just not something I could have lasted through on my own :P. A rich girl Jean (Amanda Strang) and a poor mechanic Dik (Edison Chen) fall in love at a resort in Japan when they both meet up to settle some events from the past. After some mishaps in the snow and the two fall in love, but Jean's rich father forbids such a romance for his daughter. Back in HK the two decide to give up on being together when Jean's engagement is finalized, but Dik tries his best to see Jean despite her father's wishes. The ending was rather typical, but you could see that they expected guys to watch this with their girlfriends I guess, so as a "reward" for watching there's a scene at the end where Dik drives around in his Supra and races ^_^. Not the greatest plot even for a romance movie, or maybe the lack of any comedy just isn't up my alley, but if you're looking for a good movie to watch with your girlfriend here you go. Edison Chen for the girl and Amanda Strang for the guy. Oh yeah, and Sam Lee is in this film too and plays his typically annoying role as in every other film. The only saving grace for his character to me anyways was the scene where he tries to teach everyone at the resort how to do some ParaPara dance lol. 5 out of 10.
Reviewer Score: 5