Dragon Kid (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-10-28
Summary: Great fun !
Looks like a spin off (or a part of ?) Hsu Feng's Kung Fu Kids series. This film doesn't take itself too seriously, balancing wacky comedy with high-quality martial arts (in plentiful supply), with just enough plot-breaks to keep some semblance of a story going.

Not a bad effort, as the action literally wanders all over the place. Taiwan, Shaolin temple, Japan, Thailand, just for a start. Colourful, with some stunning costumes, at least for the first 25 minutes, during which time the story is fully set up.

I was very pleased to see my favourite Taiwanese baldy, Cho Boon Feng (Taiwan's answer to Tsui Kam Kong). This guy is a scream, and the only problem is that he has just two short appearances. The three lead martial artists are simply excellent, and the support cast does some pretty good fighting in as well.

This is the sort of film which Taiwan and HK (and, to a lesser extent, the Mainland) can make extremely well, and certainly should do more often. Heaps of ripper high-quality martial arts, mixed with wacky comedy, lots of colourful locations. Warmly recommended, esp for those who are seeking another film with the rarely-seen Lam Siu Lau.
Reviewer Score: 8