Burning Paradise (1994)
Reviewed by: RLM on 2001-11-01
Summary: Where to begin...
As you can tell from the rest of the reviews, this film delivers at times and bores you with slow pace at others. The crane/tiger duels between the lead and supporting actor are worth the watch. Beware - lots of wire work in this one. The plot is simplistic but then again, that makes it easy to follow (which can't be said for many other HK films). I wasn't impressed with the antagonist although the 'death-paint' technique was interesting. Most fight senes won't live up to those spoiled by Jet Li. I did like the sets. The fight scene involving the canopy bed as well as the old master in the death-pit were mildly amusing; but only. Having said all of that - I give it - 5/10.

Reviewer Score: 5