Clan of the White Lotus (1980)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2001-11-12
Summary: Good
FIST OF THE WHITE LOTUS: More Shaw Brothers/Gordon Liu action. Explaining the setup is largely pointless, but it basically leads to Gordon Liu being out for revenge against the leader of the White Lotus cult, an extreme Kung Fu master. Gordon's Tiger Fist isn't up to the job so he has to keep training and learning new styles to counter the cult chief. The chief himself is a very sporting bad guy... each time Gordon turns up to try his latest style, the chief kicks his ass then says "Not good enough, you need to work on this" and sends him away to practise more. Really good film, with Gordon being great as ever. The finest moments are Gordon learning "Women's Kung Fu", complete with terribly camp mannerisms, but there's lots of other great moments. The new US DVD is widescreen at 16:9 (non-anamorphic) too.

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