End of the Wicked Tigers (1973)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-11-19
Summary: Samo as a baddie !
Quite unusual for Samo to play both a villain and second banana. He plays one of the thugs in Wicked Tiger’s gang, and is very much a support char in this ensemble piece.

Some aspects of this production I found unconvincing. Curiously, Han Ying Chieh as Wicked Tiger fails to be much of a meanie, though his leading men do make up for it. Lee Ka Ting’s Captain Ling alternates between dumb cop and sharp observer. And the plot lacks sense in places, which leads to the first one-third of the story being a bit muddy.

On the positive side, the remaining two-thirds are increasingly compelling, especially as the plot makes way for serious fight scenes, most of which are excellent. They are very well choreographed and exciting, despite being hard to believe. Several of the fights seem to go on forever, though any two of the blows delivered would most likely have been fatal.

There are about a dozen excellent fighters here, though I could only ID seven of them. And, contrary to the cast list, I wasn’t able to spot Eric Tsang anywhere.

Also unusually for a Samo film, there’s some wet t-shirt and topless scene, as Samo and a mate establish their baddie credentials by attempting to rape a group of young maidens by the river.

Reviewer Score: 7