Spacked Out (2000)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-11-20
Summary: Mostly Crappy
Paul's review is great and I know I won't be able to sound nearly as professional, but here's my thoughts anyway for what they're worth. :)

The Film - 3/10

Garbage. Hong Kong's version of Kids basically. It is supposed to shock you with the deviant behavior of 13 year olds, but it just ends up reminding us how much trouble 13 year olds can get into if they don't have some good parental guidance. The movie is a complete mess... it's basically just watching 13 year old girls talk to each other about stupid crap - they don't even bother subtitling half of it because it's just 13 year old girls babbling like idiots. The movie gets progressively heavy but never really reaches the shock level we've already been exposed to here in the US so it just ends up being really boring. The ending does a really fantastic job of tying everything up nicely, but it's too little too late after making the viewer endure the rest of the film which is 99% pointless dialogue amongst unsupervised teenage girls.

The DVD - 6/10

Mei Ah - subs are incomplete (which is ok) and the sound is ok - the transfer is decent as well... average for a Mei Ah.

The Action - 3/10

There's a few wrist cutting scenes and there's a decent dream sequence about abortion that almost rivals the baby scenes in Trainspotting, but there's nothing that can save this movie from mediocrity.

The Actors - 4/10

Pretty awful really - on par with the "acting" from the movie Kids or the original punk classic - Suburbia.

Overall - 4/10

There's a few good scenes in this, but nothing that would make it worth while sitting through the rest of it. It's mostly just crap. Watch Kids instead.
Reviewer Score: 4