Help!!! (2000)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-11-20
Summary: Good Comedy, Bad Execution
The Film - 5/10

Really incohesive plot. It's about this poorly run hospital and how the doctors turn it around. The film doesn't really flow very well and seems more like a series of skits that have the same sense of humor that PBS does. The jokes are canned and the thread that holds the film together is about as thin as dental floss. If you've seen Young Doctors In love - just remove all the sex bits and half the humor and it's kinda the same. Synopsis is that Celicia CHeung plays a young girl who decided to become a doctor after undergoing surgery at the hands of Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan. Together they decide to turn a slacking hospital around and make the apathetic doctors care about their work again.

The DVD - 6/10

Ditto... see above

The Action - 6/10

The jokes are good and all that but Wai Ka Fai tries to make a Wong Jing movie but doesn't have the right delivery or something... they just don't work. They miss some really golden opportunities and the comedy just comes out mediocre. I'd like to see this same film through the eyes of Wong Jing. There's even some movie parodies in here - like The Ring for example (seems to be a popular film to parody as well as remake). There are some decent special effects and stunts I guess, but nothing new.

The Actors - 5/10

Could've been better - I don't think it was their fault so much as the script. It was supposed to be a comedy, but everything was delivered really dry... they should've just gone all out if that's what they were trying to do - that's what the script called for anyway.

Overall - 5/10

Decent enough - worth a rental. Not worth a purchase unless you just gotta have everything like I do. Perhaps someone else will find this funny - I know the jokes were funny, but I wasn't laughing.
Reviewer Score: 5