Needing You ... (2000)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-11-20
Summary: Cute Little Romantic Comedy.
The Film - 7/10

This was a cute little romantic comedy with Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. The acting was great and I just kinda liked everything about it. I don't think Andy Lau is good in roles like this though - I don't really see the appeal - I was gonna give it a 6.5 because of him and the ending, but I don't think I should bring personal feelings into the rating.

The Plot - 7/10

Sammi plays a quirky girl who is looking for Mr. Right (what else is new?). Andy plays her boss who is a womanizer and quite cocky (what else is new again?). Sammi's character kinda gets thrust into Andy's personal life and they end up falling for each other. Or something like that... Things get a little crazy when Sammi is courted by a young good-looking millionare. [gasp] It's kinda dumb - but as romantic comedies go - it's fun.

The Action - N/A

This is a romantic comedy - there is no action. There is a bit of Andy making a scene and throwing things and there's some motorcycles and some people run instead of walk occasionally...
Reviewer Score: 7