Extreme Crisis (1998)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-11-20
Summary: Basically Sucked
The Film - 4.5/10

Die Hard meets The Rock is what I've heard this film amounts to. I think this film shares little with each film individually, but basically you can make general comparisons to these films. Shu Qi is in this and she is a little underused for my taste. After the first 15 minutes you can turn it off and you've seen the best this film has to offer pretty much. The acting is a little stiff and the English is very forced. This film has alot of English spoken in it and they don't know when to pause in their sentences. I think they used English appropriately, but the actors just weren't coached well enough on how to speak it correctly. This movie also suffered from bad foley and a weak score... the score was a typical action movie score that kept repeating throughout - if you watch the film on a small TV with it turned down low, you won't even notice. The foley (sound effects) department couldn't always land all the punches on time with what was going on on screen... a little distracting at times. Not the worst film ever, but it has a few merits.

The Plot - 4/10

The plot was garbage about this terrorist group who gets their hands on some chemicals that can wipe out the entire city of HK and take over a TV station. They demand that their leader is released from prison or the city will be destroyed. Inept SDU officers die left and right and an unlikely pair of rebel police officers take it upon themselves to thwart the evil scheme. It's a silly action film - what do you expect? It's kinda like Shiri, but not nearly as good.

The Action - 5.5/10

Not the worst thing I've ever seen - plenty of explosions and gunfire. Films like this make me think the SDU is worthless - but there's some films out there that say otherwise, so that's ok. Some of the effects were actually good and there was a driving sequence in the beginning that was pretty cool (if you can overlook a few physically impossible moments.

The DVD - 7.5/10

This DVD by Universe had some decent extras - you could even say it's packed almost. The transfer wasn't the best though - you don't notice really until the end credits when you realize the resolution is poor enough that the credits appear blurry like you're watching a VCD. The colors were good though and it's a clean print. I guess I can't complain too much about the transfer - had I not seen the credits problem I wouldn't have noticed. The sound I can't comment on too much cuz I watched it on my small TV and not in my living room theater. For the money - it's a good buy if you like the film.

What I Learned -

I learned that if you put Shu Qi in a movie, I'll keep it in my DVD library - and no matter how bad that movie is, I won't score it below a 4.
Reviewer Score: 4