The Mission (1999)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-11-20
Summary: Eh... It's Allright...
Anthony Wong plays a low-rent Chow Young Fat in this Reservoir Dogs type flick. A gangster boss has a price on his head and he enlists the help of 5 of the best bodyguards for protection. They quickly become a tight group and throw alot of bullets around. When the job is finished, there is some unfinished business and one of the 5 has to die. There is a stand-off - who will survive?

It's a fairly predictable film with one of the worst transfers I've seen and one of the worst music tracks I've heard. It's like somebody didn't clean the machine that does the transfers or something because there was a burn-in of something on the print. The print also looked like it came from analog tape media because there was alot of color bleeding. It was also pretty grainy. The subtitles were easy to read though and it was in widescreen & original aspect ratio... non-anamorphic though. The music for the film was terrible - it sounded like someone screwing around with a Casio keyboard. Very distracting from what could've otherwise been a pretty decent flick. The characters were pretty interesting for the most part and I really enjoyed the way they played off of each other. I also liked the tactics they used for the shootout scenes. The plot was nothing special, but it was quite solid and provided a good backdrop for these characters to interact. It did manage to entertain me.

Mei Ah did a lousy job with the transfer (if it's their fault) not just with the video, but the sound as well for the 5.1 track - the sound kept dropping out when something loud would happen. This is really annoying and I had to listen to the 2.0 track cuz I couldn't even tolerate the constant drops of sound. They did give this disc a few features that they omit on other discs, so it's not a total loss - but I would've rather had a barebones disc with burned-in subs and a decent transfer. Mei Ah is a mixed bag.

Overall I have to give this one a reluctant but just barely. I was entertained and it's worth seeing. I don't know what it is with Anthony Wong though - I don't know why someone thinks he's such a badass - he doesn't look like one... perhaps he's HK's Charles Bronson? I kinda expected a little more polish and snap from Johnny To though.

Reviewer Score: 6