He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father! (1993)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-11-20
Summary: 6.5/10
This film is said to be Hong Kong's version of Back To The Future. The similarities between the two films are insignifigant and don't extend beyond a guy's time travel trip to the past and meeting his father. Beyond that, there's no similarities really. Just wanted to clear that up straight off.

He Ain't Heavy is about a guy named Yuen who disapproves of his father being too charitable and never thinking of himself or his family. His father's attitude towards people resulted in him being mugged and left in a coma. Yuen makes a wish to see what his father was like 30 years ago as Jupiter kisses the moon and falls into a manhole which thrusts him back in time. He soon finds out that his outlook was all wrong and he develops a new respect and love and understanding for his father (I know it sounds like I just gave away the whole story arc, but there's a whole lot more here).

I don't know what it is with me today... somebody must've put some estrogen in my Mountain Dew or something... I've been crying like a little b**** at these sappy dramas. He Ain't Heavy is advertised as a comedy, but I didn't even crack a smile once. It's not even remotely funny. There's a few attempts at jokes, but they're just mechanical and don't really do anything except balance the tone of the film out. It's basically a feel-good drama with a spash (and I mean a small splash) of comedy. Perhaps it's because of my ill father and our relationship, but I was bawling at the end of this one too - that's 2 in a row. I'm such a sissy.

Anyway - don't get it expecting a comedy and don't get it expecting to see Back To The Future 4. I've heard some people say this came out before Back To The Future as if BTTF ripped off this film, but that's not even physically possible unless the writers for BTTF time traveled about 10 years into the future or so (whenever BTTF was written). It's just a cute and somewhat touching film that involves a little bit of time travel magic. I'm a sucker for time travel films in general, so this was a no-brainer for me. I liked it ok. The Mei Ah disc is another barebones menu-less DVD with a decent enough transfer.

This disc is worth picking up, but don't be in any hurry. I liked it ok.
Reviewer Score: 6