For Bad Boys Only (2000)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-11-20
Summary: 5.5/10 - 6/10
Ok - this film is crap... but I liked it. My girlfriend would love this film. It starts out promising enough - stylish and whatnot. Reminded me of the Charlie's Angels movie in many respects. Probably more like Tokyo Raiders though. This film tries to emulate a few different Hollywood films but in a Hong Kong style. It's weird.

As a Sci-Fi film, this film doesn't quite cut the mustard. It's about cloning in this respect (with scenes that borrow from Alien Resurrection and the Fifth Element). As an Action film it also fails. There are some decent little flashy fighting scenes and shooting scenes and even a few explosions, but it never seems to be the focus of the film, just something for the actors to look good doing (some scenes that borrow heavily from the Matrix and a few others I can't put my finger on). As a romance, it doesn't do too bad... there's actually a script here that wasn't too poorly written believe it or not. The characters are fairly cookie-cutter generic from the HK cinema fun factory, but they do develop over the duration of this picture and they were able to make me give a crap about where they stood in their relationships with each other. Basically, think Tokyo Raiders meets Needing You with a bunch of Hollywood spoofs and you have this film.

There are many goofs in this film - hair in the lens that ended up on the print and they used it anyway... hero takes a bullet in the back and then less than a minute later, he's fine and doesn't have a scratch as if it never happened. ...lips move at times and they never went in to loop the dialogue that wasn't picked up by the mic on set... etc...

Shu Qi is stunning as always and she's pretty good in this film playing 3 people. They try to give her old-age makeup and it doesn't take... she still looks stunning. They also put her in a bunch of terrible wigs. In fact, she's in this horrible elvira wig throughout most of her time on screen. She doesn't get naked in this film, but she does make out with guys alot.

The DVD has good picture and sound and is well worth the few bucks it costs to get it from DDDHouse. The extras are gravy. If you're a Shu Qi fan, then this one should go in your collection. Don't get me wrong - this movie is godawful... it's one of the dumbest things I've seen in awhile - in fact, I think I'm dumber for having watched it. That doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed it. It's entertaining if you turn your brain off and watch it for what it is. I mean - if I didn't enjoy watching it, I'd give the film a 1/10 for being so dumb. It's not dumber than Skyline Cruisers though... that was hella dumb.

Despite all that - I'll have to give this a thumbs up with the caveat that this film is dumb and you can't throw rocks at my head if you hate it. If you sometimes like dumb films - then this is for you. I mean - does a film that rips off Hollywood films, looks like amatures made it, has Shu Qi in it, and is kind of a cross between Tokyo Raiders and Charlie's Angels sound appealing to you? If so - then go for it.
Reviewer Score: 6