Fly Me to Polaris (1999)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2001-11-20
Summary: 9/10 - Worst Movie Ever! I loved it!
The Film - 9/10

The Saddest movie ever made. I was crying like a teenage girl who got stood up on prom night. It's Hong Kong's answer to Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty except it's not a comedy. It's about a blind mute guy and a nurse who share unspoken love for each other. He dies and is sent to heaven where he's granted one wish which is to return to earth. The catch is that nobody will know him and he can only stay for 5 days. This is an emotional train wreck. The ideas are simple and the effects are cheap but the acting by Cecilia Cheung sells this movie. I seriously have never cried so hard at a movie before... I'm a grown man and I'm not just getting teary eyes, I'm totally bawling with snot running down my face and getting my shirt collar soaked with tears. It most likely won't have the same effect on everyone - maybe it caught me at a bad time, but I swear I felt ok when I popped it in... :)

I didn't care much for the ending, but by saying that I'm saying I didn't much care for the last hour of the movie. It's just really really really really really really really sad. If you want to see a good movie that isn't quite as sad - go watch Heaven Can Wait cuz Warren Beatty is a riot in that. :) Avoid this film though cuz it's a nightmare.

The DVD - 8/10

Delta Mac makes great DVDs. They also do something that annoys me... they don't quite subtitle everything. I mean they'll do a great job on the subtitles and stuff, but they always just kinda leave a bit out here and there. I don't know why. It's like manufacturing a jigsaw puzzle and before sealing the packages to be shipped off to the consumers you throw out a few pieces from each box. It's a little annoying, but that's my only complaint. The sound is 2.0 only, but it's not like you need some DTS 5.1 surround or anything. All you'll be able to hear anyway is your sobbing... not to mention that you'll go deaf trying to unclog your running nose by popping your eardrums out.

The Acting - 9/10

Cecilia Cheung was fantastic. She really catches you off guard. Richie Ren played a blind person ok - he kinda played it more like he was a retard though which was a bit distracting... not too. Once he came back to earth he could talk and see, and he seemed to do that just fine. I guess he was pretty good too - if he had sucked, I wouldn't have been so emotionally tied into this piece of crap. The rest of the cast was backdrop basically - although I did kinda like Cecilia's pregnant sister... she was funny. The doctor that also loved Cecilia might as well have been played by a box of hammers.

Overall - 9/10 :thumbsup:

I hated this film with every fiber of my being and I'm definitely keeping it in my collection so I can torture myself every time I'm feeling sad about a breakup or I'm just missing my girlfriend... I wish she could watch this. She probably wouldn't cry though. Maybe I'm just a sissy. :p
Reviewer Score: 9