Unmatchable Match (1990)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2001-11-27
Summary: Great non-comedy Chiau movie
UNMATCHABLE MATCH (1990) - Psycho bad guy Shing Fui On arranges a bloody diamond heist, then gets Triad Raymond Wong involved in the deal to shift them. But the deal goes sour and Wong ends up on the run from the cops and the robbers and the rest. Stephen Chiau is an undercover cop who ends up assigned to ingratiate himself with Wong and track down the missing diamonds. Eventually winning his trust, Chiau ends up in the undercover cop's usual situation, where he finds that the bad guys are perhaps not as bad as the cops he works for. Excellent movie, with great performances from Stephen Chiau and Raymond Wong. Good action scenes and good direction. Definitely not a comedy, so Chiau fans make sure you know what you're getting DVD is so-so, suffering from some lousy subtitling and audio drop outs in places.
Reviewer Score: 8

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