The Fastest Sword (1968)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-11-29
Summary: Excellent movie
Quite obviously, I think very highly of this "primitive" Shaw Brothers production. It is the very best SB movie in the genre up to that time (1968). Right from the start you can tell it's going to become a classic, and the rest of the ride lives up to its promise.

The One Armed Swordsman series, Trail of the Broken Blade, Twelve Deadly Coins, etc were great movies as well, but today they suffer primarily from the lack of slick martial arts. You just had a bunch of people swinging their arms around the whole time. The Fastest Sword, on the other hand, minimizes on-screen display of its mediocore kung fu from the era, and that is a key factor of its success.

There is even a couple of deep moments which are probably supposed to symbolize something (in the finale when the two swordsmen are dueling to death, it shows the buddhas that one of them created), but I could never figure out their significance. If somebody would like to discuss this, please contact me via email or private message.