The Holy Virgin Versus the Evil Dead (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-12-01
Summary: Muddled but enjoyable
Perhaps the title plus the nudity influenced my judgement a bit. The opening credits are terrific, covering a montage of the more spectacular bits and including the near-unknown Tsui Hei Man (not, as I'd first thought, Kathy Chow) gyrating in the nude.

The photography is quite good, though the spec FX let things down a lot. There's plenty of nudity, though it's concentrated in the first 25 minutes and the last 12. In the first bit, it's Donnie Yen's students (who all happen to be nubile young women) getting their clothes and limbs ripped off in equal measure. In the final bit, it's the entire young female population of a village disrobing row by row, under the spell of the chief villain. At both ends is the said Tsui Hei Man playing "Shamen" (actually Ha Mung), finding numerous excuses to prance around and flaunt her fabulous bod.

For the girls, Ken Lo stretches out naked, and you get a good look at his bum. Ken plays the flying kicking monster, and is more than a match for Donnie and Ben. But Pauline's powers might just be enough to finish him off.

The horror is pretty grisly, but probably pretty tame for anyone who watches horror regularly, whether HK or Hollywood. With this bunch, you'd expect lots of action, and they do deliver, especially near the end.

Pity they didn't make better use of Sibelle Hu. All she does is to look annoyed, then walk out. Humph !

Worth a look, and perhaps even a second viewing.
Reviewer Score: 8