The Beheaded 1000 (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-12-01
Summary: A mixed bag
Some great stuff and some awful stuff.

The great stuff includes the lovely Er Hu (Chinese two-string fiddle) music and the cinematography. The awful includes the special effects (e.g. obvious joins where stunt players are substituted), the acting (mostly unrestrained), the script (very lumpy), and the direction (think his attention wasn't always on the task).

Somewhere inbetween, there's a few decent action sequences, particularly the final spectacular in the restaurant and the mill, and Joey Wong actually manages to act (as opposed to overact, as the rest of the cast does) in a couple of places.

Another good point, esp for credits junkies like me, this film has the rare features of a full cast listing at the end. That is, the actors are credited against the roles they play, and they are clearly printed. Should be much more of this !

In summary, this film reminds me much of PAINTED SKIN, and it suffers many of the same problems. By that comparison, B1000 comes out better.

In summary, see it, but don't be in a rush.
Reviewer Score: 5