Beauty Investigator (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-12-03
Summary: Silly Fighting Fems
I'm a little puzzled as to why this film is somewhat despised, even by FF (Fighting Fems) fans. Sure, the plot is extremely silly and even brainless, but this does not distinguish it from many other Moon/Yukari spectaculars.

Though perhaps a bit lighter on action than some others of this sub-genre, there's still some decent kicking. The support cast is a fu-talented lot, and they don't disappoint.

There's bad stuff, of course. Casting soft-porn and non-fu actress Kim Chi Gee as Moon's partner (not Yukari - she plays an assassin) is a puzzling choice, to say the least. And the acting is pretty awful but, again, this is no different from many other actioners.

Perhaps seeing the leading characters pose as nightclub hostesses (and not very well) might trouble some of the fans. I thought it was every bit as lame-brained as other bits of the story, and so what ?

btw, some copies of this movie bear a Category III sticker. Don't be fooled ! This is a standard Cat II actioner with no nudity and just one very discreet sex scene.

Below average, but okay if you're bored.
Reviewer Score: 3