Casino Raiders (1989)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2001-12-08
Summary: Enjoyable early foray into Gambling Movies
CASINO RAIDERS (1989) - Andy Lau, Alan Tam & Idy Chan are the main stars of this early Wong Jing movie about gambling. Another fine production from Wong Jing's evil genius, chock full of drama, action, romance, some unintentionally hilarious moments and some tense gambling scenes. Not as flashy or as GOG, but a good grim melodrama. Andy Lau is in good form, and Idy Chan & Rosamund Kwan make good of their roles. Alan Tam is a clueless twit as usual... why this man was ever considered one of HK's coolest men is well beyond me. Whilst Casino Raiders doesn't have the style, panache, soundtrack or Chow Yun Fat of God Of Gamblers, it's just as enjoyable a movie in many ways. Recommended. The DVD is pretty poor - weak picture transfer and terrible subtitles, but at least it's widescreen.
Reviewer Score: 7

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