Ninja Vs Shaolin Guards (1984)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-12-28
Summary: Action aplenty
A fair chunk of the faces from the terrific SHAOLIN TEMPLE AGAINST LAMA are back in this one. Though not up to the same standard, and with a twenty-minute stretch near the start where nothing much happens, this one's still well worth watching.

The opening sequence is a ripper. An evil-looking monk does incredible stuntwork with four guys dressed in ninja black. Then there's the scene where the abbot defends himself, mostly by sitting down !

What plot their is gets in the way for awhile after that, but it soon goes away in favour of a long string of villains who try all sorts of stuff to kill off our heroes.

This b-pic is much better than many a-graders with bigger budgets.
Reviewer Score: 9