Fast Fingers (1983)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-01-05
Summary: Silly first half, pretty good second half
Nearly a case of two different films slammed end to end. The first is played for really silly laughs, and comes complete with a blaring and jokey soundtrack of circus brass music. Terribly overdone, not very funny, though with some not bad stuntwork.

The second half has a lot more stuntwork and of much higher quality. This half probably works better as their is so much action that there's little room left for any of the daft plot.

About the only thing that kept me going through the first half was actor-spotting, which gets better still in the second half. This film boasts a very impressive array of well-known stars and bit players.

In short, fast forward through the dull bit of the first 40 minutes and enjoy.
Reviewer Score: 4