Operation Pink Squad II (1989)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2002-01-08
Summary: Lunatic and immensely stupid, but charming
Danton's already covered this one, so I won't add much. The movie starts off absolutely terribly (I actually watched the first 10/15 mins before Christmas and gave up entirely before reading Danton's review), then ascends (or descends) to heights of lunacy almost as random as MY HERO. All very cheap and completely stupid, but good natured and entertaining, though I'm not sure I'd have enjoyed the movie half as much if Ann Bridgewater hadn't been on set . It reminded me of the very small section of SCARY MOVIE 2 I saw the other week, though whilst that was enough for me to passionately despise SM2 I am quite happy to forgive OPS2 on the grounds that it was HK, the 80's, the budget probably wouldn't buy a pair of shoes in Hollywood and... well, it had Ann Bridgewater in it :)

Certainly not a movie I'd consider as one to introduce people to the world of HK movies, but a fun use of 90 minutes for those who are already attuned to their charms. It must be noted that the Winson DVD is diabolical though... vhs quality full frame transfer, and sound mastered so loud it is clipped & distorted throughout. Given this, the presence of removal subtitles seems almost offensively ironic!

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