Postman Strikes Back (1982)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-01-13
Summary: Muddled, occasionally interesting
This is a Western transposed to the East. The theme may be the struggle between forces loyal to Yuan Shi Kai and Sun Yat Sen, but it's all horses, a gang of people who don't seem to like each other, getting your horses stolen, delivering a gift over a long distance, sitting around the campfire etc....

I found it hard to get involved with this one. The characters are a pretty unengaging lot, and I couldn't have cared less what happened to Chow and Cherie, which is really saying something ! The one exception was that great old fatty, Fan Mei Sheng, as they feisty explosives expert.

The photography's pretty good, and the scene chages from desert to snowy mountains look pretty good.

There are some competent fight scenes which seem to have been spliced in at random.

The whole thing doesn't really hang together very well, and I don't think the great talents on the screen were utilized very well.

Only if you're bored or a big fan of one of the stars.
Reviewer Score: 3