False Lady (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-05-23
Summary: Enjoyable and non-violent
This pleasant nonsense joins a very short list of HK soft porns which contains absolutely no blood and gore. Curiously, another film in this category contains three of the same actors - the charming Unforgetful Holiday.

There is much to like about this film. There is a light and mostly friendly tone, with a bunch of very likeable actors, particularly the always-charming Lee Chung Ling. The only odd note is a scene which shows actual footage of breast enlargement surgery.

There's plenty of generous full frontal nudity and sex scenes. The too-rarely seen Goo Git gets several full frontal scenes, including a pleasant shower scene. An unknown actress with huge boobs has a couple of full nude sex scenes with Charlie Cho, and includes a swan dive into wet cement. And you have to wait right until the end, but it's worth it, to see what's under the luscious Chan Wing Chi's knickers.

I think I've seen all of Wing Chi's films, and I've never seen her enjoy herself so much. She has a ripping good time playing the man put into a woman's body and trying to make he best of it.

Much of the proceedings range from enjoyable to delightful, and a lot of the story is a buddy flick, concentrating on the relationship between good friends John and Ah Man, now Mandy, and a bit off to the side, Ah Man's girlfriend GiGi.

The last 20 minutes or so drag a little, as the story runs out of puff, and this is only partly remedied by the long ending sex scene between Michael Tiu and Wing Chi.

The story partly a take on one of my all-time favourite American films, Here Comes Mr Jordan (1935), and was probably picking up on the switch comedies which were numerous in the early 90s.

Warmly recommended.
Reviewer Score: 8