The Cyprus Tigers (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-02-17
Summary: Goofy comedy with bits of action
What this inept trio of HK cops is doing in Cyprus is never explained. They spend a lot of time razzing each other and their long-suffering boss, and there's a ten-minute scene early on where they hang around the beach and closely inspect all the beautiful girls who are topless.

Every now and then, they get around to some (sometimes action-packed) police work, against leading citizen and counterfeiter King Wu and his bunch of meanies.

In between saying "another climax today" every five minutes, they do battle with Wu and the Nachino brothers.

The action scenes range from a bit lame to pretty good but, considering the incredible talent available, should have been stunning. Ko Fei looks to have been unsure whether to concentrate more on acting as the villain or directing, and he's pretty lame on both. He's just nowhere near badass enough for his character.

The Greek Island photography is great and, supplemented by lashing of bouzoukis in the background, you sometimes forget for a moment that this is a HK actioner. A few things puzzled me. Why, for instance, wasn't Robin Shou credited, for his small but fairly significant part, as the younger Nachino brother ? He spends more time on screen than Joey Wong (looking delicious), who is credited fourth.

A few fun scenes, but lots of flab.
Reviewer Score: 3