The Day the Sun Turned Cold (1994)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-02-26
This is a thought-provoking ART movie that tells a simple story. It is very well made, but it's really, really, really difficult to like. There's too much controversy, the most heartbreaking being the last minute when the boy threw away her mother's sweater. My heart just stopped beating. Also, there really isn't much realism in the story--especially in the dialogues. Don't think for a minute THIS is how Chinese families treat eachother. We do not talk the way they talk in this movie, and we aren't nearly as hyperdramatic. Most movies make the Chinese people look so senseless and like we can't have private, intimate conversations, and it really gets me. The film Puts you in an extremely bad mood. DON'T WATCH THIS WITH YOUR PARENTS (like I did)!