Para Para Sakura (2001)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2002-03-05
Summary: Odd little film...
It's not really about a dance - it's a little romance flick. Aaron Kwok plays a guy who teaches dance aerobics and is colorblind. He meets this rich girl played by Cecilia and falls for her. They meet a few times in akward circumstances and then they spend a few days together and fall in love. Oh - another piece of important backstory is that Aaron Kwok's character has been cursed by one of his father's girlfriends who cursed them both by saying if they ever said "I love you" to a woman, they would go away. So Aaron is a little shy about those three little words when it comes to Cecilia. Anyway - mixed in now and then is a little choreographed dance bit - kinda like how older Michael Jackson videos used to be all this movie and then a dance number and then more movie... Well you'll start hearing pounding like Stomp and then they'll do the dance/singing thing. I don't know, there's not really enough of it to call it a musical and there's too much of it to ignore. I don't think they balanced this very well. It's kinda cute though. The plot is pretty simple and pretty much predictable, but it's still cute. It's also pretty dumb, but ignoring that - it's a fairly pleasant experience.

The acting is ok - Cecilia is charming as always and she even makes a funny reference to her role in Polaris. Aaron Kwok is kinda fruity in this, but he's tolerable. The DVD is good. The production values are fine. It's just a cutesy little film. There are certainly better films out there - but this one has the dancing distinction going for it. So I guess if you're into music and dancing and you like cutesy little romantic comedies - then I'd get it. It's not horrible. I have to give this two scores... 7.5/10 for what it is - a cutesy little rom/com. 5/10 as a movie - it just isn't for everyone. My overall feeling on it would be somewhere in the 6.5 range.
Reviewer Score: 6