Master Q 2001 (2001)
Reviewed by: Trigger on 2002-03-05
Summary: An Ignorant Review...
I'm sorry - I can't sit through this piece of garbage. I don't know how far into it I am, but it's boring and stupid. It's their version of that Bullwinkle movie that we did here in the US. I hated that one just as much, but I used to love the cartoon when I was a kid. I think the history of the Master Q comics probably dates back a little farther than Rocky and Bullwinkle, but even so - I didn't grow up with it and even if I had I don't think I would get much out of this. It's for children who grew up with those characters... I don't see anything here for intelligent adults. The live characters are incredibly stupid and the CGI characters are even worse. Lots of 3rd grade bathroom humor and some of the subtitles will display "!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!" for something and then will allow words like "shit" to be displayed so I have no idea what they are masking with the !@!@, but it doesn't make sense to me. Perhaps it's something they used to do in the Comic Books?

As for the CGI - it's on par with the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie. Some of the live actors missed their marks (or was it the CG renderers missing theirs?) and there were a few spots where something just didn't look quite right, but it seemed to be ok for the most part.

Anyway - I'd suggest passing on this one, but maybe there's an audience for it. If you liked the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie - perhaps you'll like this. Or if you grew up on heavy doses of the Master Q cartoons and whatnot - maybe this will agree with you, but if that's the case - I imagine you would've already seen it.

It's unfair of me to give it an actual score cuz I haven't sat through the whole thing, but I won't be doing that - so just assume the worst for this one as far as my opinion of it goes... I'm also very ignorant about these characters, so I'm sure I'm not the target audience for this.