Shaolin Soccer (2001)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-04-13
Summary: Great stuff
Chronologically, this is the best movie since Storm Riders. I am glad Stephen Chow finally did something great again after years of crap. In my opinion, any movie that captures your attention and makes you wonder the outcome is a good one. The movie is great fun and very uplifting, but most importantly unlike other Chow movies, it's more of a drama than comedy. However, at times the movie just gets TOO WEIRD... like when Chow and his brothers were being beaten/tested by the gansters, suddenly Stephen Chow is in war and he is crawling through gunshots and cannon fire. That was just too much for me. But still it was great fun. There are some very funny spots, but at the same time some of the humor are plain lame and really just make you wonder if Chow has lost his ability to make ppl laugh. Zhao Wei was barely in the movie, but her presence was great. I don't see any point in having her head shaved at the end though, and there wasn't enough time spent between her and Stephen Chow. BTW, I never realized Stephen Chow had such a resemblence to Bruce Lee, but Mr. Chow is so reminiscient of Mr. Lee here. There's also another guy in the film who almost looks identical to Bruce Lee.

The idea of a Shaolin Soccer team was nothing new, but it was still hilarious to see all the special effects, and I almost couldn't ask for a better result.

Reviewer Score: 9