The Sword (1980)
Reviewed by: MasterArts on 2002-03-07
Summary: Ah yes, Golden harvest
When I was a kid watching kung fu movies, this one would have put me to sleep in the theaters. But now is now, and I have a totally different view on martial arts films. This one is one of the coolest. Very, very gloomy film and tragic. Gives you a real crappy feeling at the end. But, thats from the effect of the film, like other Golden harvest classics. Very minimal fight scenes. But the fight scenes are worth the wait. Swordplay is very fast and well choreographed. If not the best, one of the best sword play around. About a generation ahead of its time. Also, very fatal. Guys be getting chopped and sliced in seconds. The sword play ain't drawn out, it gets straight to the point(literally), like samurai movies. There are some superman wireworks, but a lot of classics have them. Do I like this movie? Hellya!!