Marvelous Stunts of Kung Fu (1979)
Reviewed by: MasterArts on 2002-03-10
Summary: Ka Ka do do dooo
TWE(trans world entertainment) has made a handful of good kung fu movies. This is one of them. It lacks the more well known stars. Well, except for Lung Fei.
The main character is supposedly a middle weight champion. Anyway, its very fast paced and lots of action. The choreography is mediocre and lacks some speed. But, I like movies with some training and fighting pairs. Especially if they use chicken style kung fu. And the story goes. The main character gets mixed up with criminals who beats him up. So he goes to a fortune teller to learn kung fu. Gets his revenge....etc.... pretty much a basic kung fu movie plot. Some dry humor that was pretty popular in the genre, but i'm not complaining. Oh, and did I mention the chicken style.