King of Money and Fists (1979)
Reviewed by: MasterArts on 2002-03-10
Summary: Shaking Eagle is that you?
A very fun kung fu movie to watch. Really, theres no morals in this one. Everybody just doesn't care about anybody else in this piece. Funniest thing, Shek just doesn't stop making trouble to the main character. Spookiest thing, the villain is one quick nasty kicker. Choreography wise, there are a lot of cuts in the tape to make the kung fu look faster. Except for the villain. He's just as fast at regular speed. It's pretty well choreographed. As for the main character. He is pretty fast and acrobatic for a guy who looks forty and outta shape. Still, for some reason I like the guy. Anyway, the finale in this one is consistent with the rest of the movies. And, this movie does match the cartoon cover on the box.
Story wise, the villain is also a private bodyguard for the main character who is hired from his father. You can draw out the rest.