My Kung Fu Twelve Kicks (1979)
Reviewed by: MasterArts on 2002-03-15
Summary: The famous Tan Tao style. What????
Another classic Ocean Shores. I'm surprise that theres not many bootleg movies of this one. Although a little slow moving, Bruce Leung shows his stuff in this one. He gets trained from three masters who wants revenge on the villain that cripples them. But, as good as they train him, he still isn't good enough. So he finds out that his roommate knows the Tan Tao style. The picture paints itself out after that.
This is one of those late night films that you saw on TV. Another film with memorable training, as well as familiar tunes. I remember this film from the cotton ball that he has to kick without breaking it. FIghting wise, theres a handful of well choreographed scenes showcasing our heroes speed and agility. Bruce Leung is very good to watch in this one. An invincible villain in the end tops off this genuine classic.