Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-03-29
Summary: Fun cheapie with abundant nudity
Bruce's face competes with the cliff faces for the least expressive features of this film. The cliffs lose out, but only just. Oh well, B Li expresses himself with kicks and punches, which he does pretty well.

What plot there is is not much more than an excuse to
1) shoot locations in both HK and PNG
2) have several groups of people thump each other
3) cause a bunch of lovely (if rather skinny) young women to get naked.

And, in these terms of reference, the film succeeds. While not terrifically acted or scripted, the film does sink to dull or muddled for very long. It holds the interest and is entertaining enough to watch all the way through.

I was astonished at the amount of full frontal nudity. There are four of these scenes. The first involves a trio of discreet nude girls lolling over Chan Sing, who is then presented with an unknown actress, full frontal, as the latest human sacrifice.

The second is a very long beach scene, where half a dozen naked girls (including Dana) frolic on the shore, then are pursued by two guys who are chased off by that guy in the gorilla suit.

The third is a brief flash by Dana as she gets into bed with Bruce, during which her character conceives their child. The fourth is equally brief.

It wasn't until around 1990 that Category III was created, which triggered an explosion of nudie films. But there was nudity in HK before this. Just that it was harder to be sure where to find it ;)

Despite being filmed on the cheap, the scenery also looks pretty good. The fight scenes improve as the movie progresses. Like the film overall, not classic, but recommended anyway.

Reviewer Score: 7