The East Is Red (1993)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-04-02
Summary: Looks good
Although nowhere near as good as Swordsman 2, this is still 100 times better than the original Swordsman 1. Some people say this movie is severely flawed; I did not find that the case. The main weakness is that the story is down right boring. In Swordsman, right from the beginning we are introduced to the delima, and in Swordsman 2 we want to see how Ling can defeat Asia Invincible. But there's really nothing to look forward to once this movie starts. Although it did not disappoint me (I wasn't expecting much), it certainly did not impress me.

Invincible Asia started out rather friendly and laid-back, actually having a good time with the official. But boy did she change and turn into a complete monster when she encounters the first group who is faking her name. She then goes on a killing rampage. I did sense a bit of genre parody. The whole movie basically gives the feel that Asia Invincible is a mysterious, saintly character. The highlanders worship her name, while the Ming officials don't take her seriously at all. The funniest moment occurs when Asia Invincible changes her name to "Asia and Europe the Invincible." I couldn't help but think parody. By the way, it was great to see Spaniards in a wuxia movie, just for the glamour.

The theme kind of got to me. It seems to point fingers at those who don't value what they have, and only realize its preciousness when it's gone. Thus the ending has Brigitte Lin riding on a "magic carpet," the loyal /but dead/ Joey Wong beside her - just like in fairy tales.