Extreme Challenge (2001)
Reviewed by: Wurms on 2002-04-02
Summary: WOW! Nice Fights!

Watching this movie I was in complete heaven!!! This movie is so awesome!! If you like martial arts, see this movie!!!!! WOW!!!

First the bad stuff:
- No popular actors
- English in a chinese movie = cheesy dialogue (not all the movie is in English, prolly 50/50)
-The director tried some weird camera transitions like going to Black and White for a couple seconds then back to color, and using motion blur and stuff during the fights. It can get a tad annoying but overall the fights kick arse!!!

- NUNCHAKU FIGHT!!!! This isn't just any nunchaku fight. This is the greatest stuff I have ever seen in a movie with nunchakus. The fight is long too, 1 minute 30 seconds. It is a guy with nunchakus vs a guy with a staff. WOOO HOOO!!!

- LOTS OF FIGHTS. This movie is just one big tournament like Bloodsport. It starts off with 32 people and they all compete for 16 markers going through a little obstacle course. Everyone for themselves stuff. Very cool. Then with 16 people they have to climb a tower with different level of platforms all while fighting each other, again VERY COOL!! Then with 8 people left comes the best stuff of the movie. The weapons matches:

-Nunchakus vs Staff
-Escrima Sticks vs Some wierd weapon (sort of like a big wooden butterfly knife )
-Staff vs Tonfa's
-Staff vs Escrima sticks

The rest of the one-on-one matches are good too. The last is pretty nice. Two guys using the same style (Wu-Shu? I think) and try to counter each other. GOOD STUFF!!!

- Choreography is very very nice. The camera work and editing is well done too. Some quick cuts here and there but very effective and I never had a problem following any of the action.

Forget about plot. Watch this for the fight scenes!
Reviewer Score: 9