Gimme Gimme (2001)
Reviewed by: HaloKiti on 2002-04-07
Summary: A semi-realistic movie about teenagers
This movie is breath of fresh air. Not only does it not have annoying QT(cutie) girls, supercool and handsome guys, and triad members. It is actually realistic and smartly written. The movie is about a group of teenage friends and their relationship problems. The plot is light on its feet, doesn't drag out any of the story lines. There are some surprising moments but some of the stories have obvious conclusions. The ending also does not justify the rest of the movie. The youthful unknown actors do not seem like they are acting except for the occassional cringe-inducing crying scenes. The movie makes good use of its locations and is cut without being too MTV. All in all, a wonderful little movie without too many pretenses.
Reviewer Score: 8