The Dragon, the Hero (1979)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-04-07
Summary: Enjoyable and even jaw-dropping
There's a whole bunch of top-notch fu talent here, and it works well. I was puzzled at Dragon Lee's fairly minor support role here (given that he is billed as the co-star on the video box) , but perhaps this was one of his early films.

John Liu and Philip Ko are a superb match for fights. Liu's kicking is jaw-dropping, and Ko's mixture of styles is impressive. Dragon Lee tries his hardest to ape Bruce Lee's style and, together with Tino Wong, provide pretty good punching and kicking support. I wasn't able to ID the white-faced sick rich man, but his fu stands up pretty well too. And there's another unknown actor who does a copy of Simon Yuen's famous Drunken Master character.

The story provides enough pace and interest inbetween these fights to hold interest. Recommended.
Reviewer Score: 8