Gimme Gimme (2001)
Reviewed by: silver7 on 2002-04-10
Unlike the unrealistic teen movies of Hollywood, Gimme Gimme portrayed teen life in Hong Kong as it really is. After having watched the usual angst-ridden teen dramas about self-proclaimed rich kids who have everything at their feets ("Clueless", "She's like that" come to mind), Gimme Gimme shed light on the situation of teenagers in the absence of attention from their families, the need of friends in your life, and perpetual heartbreak that surrounds relationships. - No need to re-iterate the storyline as it is found within other reviews...but this is a beautiful movie in many respects. I particularly liked the overlapping scenes in which the guys and girls both talk about relationships, and before that, the "love at first sight across the room" motif with Pat and Lobo at the rave. Though its ending was slightly disappointing (I noticed they took a sort've Tony/Maria spotlight fix and used it on Lobo and Pat), and many storylines tied up in a predictable fashion (I was happy with Lobo and Pat!), that's usually the way it is with teen romances - *grins* a lot of girls watch teen romances on the basis that they want the right guy to get the girl! However, I found I grew attachments to many of the characters - which is quite possible if you open yourself up to it. Specifically, I was so happy when Mo dumped that jerk! At times, I found myself slightly annoyed by Fion who continuously yelled at everyone, cried, and complained. However, I commend her, as I have never seen a chinese girl with neon orange her. Aside from her character, every other character had their own unique personality with a bit of charm - it was classic at the end when Skid slowly walked into the band practice room and demanded his protection money. It is with this movie that Hong Kong opened itself up to new talent - and hopefully many of these young actors will continue on with other movies. If you really look at it - the fresh-faced Chiu Tien-You has prospects to be another Hong Kong heartthrob (exceedingly good-looking, and he plays the guitar!!!)- however, I hope he will continue with HK indie projects such as this. Congratulations to the first Hong Kong movie this year that touched my heart and didn't involve a dying triad member or a sick lover to do so.