The Avenging Fist (2001)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-04-15
Summary: A different kind of fun
I also thought this movie was fun, but it's a different fun than you get from Shaolin Soccer. This movie is, unfortunately, fairly corny and emotional at times, and I just couldn't help but fast forward for about 2 minutes.

The movie looks fantastic in the CGI-enhanced "Year 2050 setting." There aren't many fight scenes, but tons of special effects are used outside fight scenes as well. I was expecting nowhere near this much speical effects. However, I feel the biggest flaw of these type of CGI-reliant movies is when they decide to take a normal shot at a fight scene, it just becomes so apparent that the choreography stinks. Hence, it would be better if EVERYTHING was shot with CGI.

Yes, having real life martial artists Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, and Chin Kar Lok in this CGI-based movie is truly unnecessary. However, these 3 were assets to the movie. Unfortunately Chin Kar Lok has gained a lot of weight and has aged like no other, so he does absolutely nothing. At least Sammo gets to use the power glove a couple of times and Yuen Biao shows some kicks.

Wang Li Hong's acting is actually not too bad. I also thought he was better than Aaron Kwok in China Strike FOrce. Actually, the entire cast is pretty good.

Another disappointment is the finale. The special effects in the finale were absolutely breathtaking, but I thought the final blow went by too quickly and easily, a little cheaper than I would have wanted. It truly is flawed because Wang had nowhere near as much power as Roy, but all of a sudden he gained so much power that he defeated Roy with one blow. OUCH

Overall this is a pretty good movie. Like everybody says, it could have been better. Still, IMO we need more of these movies with the CGI-futuristic settings! I never get tired of watching them.

Reviewer Score: 8