Goodbye Mr. Cool (2001)
Reviewed by: silver7 on 2002-04-18
Summary: Not Bad
Never mind the storyline - it's re-iterated many time in the other usual, with many other chinese triad movies, I was disappointed with the ending. I find that in a great triad movie, you build an attachment with a character and then that character has to die - so typical...not that this movie was the greatest triad movie...but it did it to me again. The movie started out a little slow, but mostly because it had to combine in several flashbacks to flesh out the past of the main character, Lung. I feel that Lung's fate could have been avoidable have it not been for the stupid insensitive actions of his ex-girlfriend Helen. Many times, I wish I could have grabbed her by the arm and told her to "get over him and leave him be", especially in front of the eyes of their child. The most disappointing aspect of the movie left me thinking how children of traid members react to their parents dying due to the tragic circumstances of their lives. Though it was just a movie, I felt for Siu Lung, and the fact that that little kid was able to produce tears left me feeling sentimental as well upon the unexpected twist of the ending. Similarly, I wonder how many triad-recruits yearn for that forgiveness from their parents and loved ones - tragically to only receive it when it's too late. I felt that this movie tried to create more drama than action as to depict the nature of trying to run away from your roots to the underground. Ekin Cheng was a little bit more emotional than his past movies - however, he still gave the same expression in most of the scenes - the cold, stony look, perhaps menacing? All in all, it was not a bad movie - and if you're willing to put yourself into the movie with patience and understanding, it is worth your 2 hrs to seek out the underlying messages associated with the movie.