Executioners (1993)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-04-18
Summary: Excellent movie
I can honestly say that I ALMOST like this as much as the Heroic Trio. And that's saying this movie is excellent, because the Heroic Trio happens to be one of my favorites. I love this film because it has the melodramatic and serious elements that have always worked for me. It's not a "cool" movie, or an "awesome" movie or a "FUN" movie, or an "entertaining" one, or a "FEEL-GOOD" movie. Rather, it SERIOUSLY portrays the horrific effects of a disturbing world. It is perhaps a dystopian film. Some very touching and emotional moments, mixed with great action (which are more or less on par with Heroic Trio, but it just works better here), lots of violence and gore (which I dislike, but for some reason works here too), and fine acting. This really is one of my favorite films.

Note that 90% of the music is straight out of the Heroic Trio (which REALLY works for me because I love those cathy tunes), and nearly everybody dies. ******SPOILER**********
Damien Lau dies, Michelle Yeoh dies, Lau Ching Wan dies, Takeshi Kaneshiro dies, Paul Chun Pui dies, and of course Anthony Wong the absolutely ugly villain gets blown up.

Overall, it might not have been as good as I liked it, but every elements in this movie just appealed to me.

Reviewer Score: 9