The Brutal Boxer (1972)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-04-18
Summary: Plenty of punching
Ray Lui spends much of his screen time punching at nearly everything that moves. Kwan Shan has a more relaxed time, as his character is fancied by the lovely Tim Lei. The talent in this film should have made it enjoyable, but unfortunately the story wavers between nasty and dull.

I'm not sure where this film is supposed to be set, but it was filmed in Thailand (there are signs everywhere in Thai), probably on the outskirts of Bangkok. Mainly of interest for an early appearance by Jackie Chan as one of the thugs, and his frequent co-actor and good friend Mars plays another.

The English language credits on the copy I saw incorrectly listed the stars as King Chan (this is Chan Sing's character) and Alan Tang (must be getting confused with the later film of the same name - no sign of The Prince here). And the awful jerking pan-and-scan made the movie even harder to watch, and look even cheaper.

I tuned out after thirty minutes. Not recommended.
Reviewer Score: 1