The Invincible Kung Fu Legs (1980)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2002-04-25
Summary: Very impressive Kung Fu Legs!
We were warned up front that the movie featured great fights, but absolutely dreadful humour in between. The presenter really made a point of preparing us for the worst, and truly the comic relief character is very annoying and stupid, but with low expectations the audience was able to laugh at it, if not with it.

The audience might not have been forgiving of the comedy if we'd been mislead about the action, but no chance there. Ha Kwong Li plays a spoilt rich girl who thinks her kung fu invincible, and that the teacher her father has hired (Tan Tao Ling) cannot possibly teach her anything. A scuffle with some ruffians soon sets her straight, and she begins learning the secrets of Tan Tao Ling's martial arts.

(More) trouble arises when Tan Tao Ling's mortal enemy tracks him down, seeking revenge for his brother's death. Everybody gets involved in everybody elses problems, they fight a lot and grow as people.

The story for the movie is good, and the fight & training scenes are excellent... Tan Tao Ling & Ha Kwong Li both do some incredible leg work, as the movie's title suggests. Well choregraphed seens of physical virtuosity. And if you're adequately prepared, the dumb humour is hilarious for all the wrong reasons too.


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