Everyday Is Valentine (2001)
Reviewed by: HaloKiti on 2002-04-28
Summary: So boring so v.v boring
I never really liked Leon Lai and Cecilia Cheung that much, but that doesn't mean I would automatically dislike any movie they are in beforehand. This movie is about a girl who cannot stand liars and this guy that likes her who's a total liar. Their names are OK Lai and Wonderful, who are the morons that gave them those names.(The name, OK, is at least put into good use during a sex scene, oh OK!) She's been cheated on by previous boyfriends and he has just been unexpectedly dumped by his girlfriend of three years. He pretends to be the rich cousin of Wonderful's boss and she falls for it. Some other situations ensue and so on. Fill in blanks in between, put in some goofy parents and friends for spice and character. They fall in love(rather quickly), they break up, and they get back together. Everyone goes 'aw' at the very predictable end of this movie. I thought this movie was uninspired and plain nonsensical at times. The story of a pathological liar trying to reform himself for a girl could have been a more interesting story if put in other hands or if the film makers/producers actually cared about the quality of the movie. But I do admit that there are one or two scenes that makes me laugh.

I don't think anyone could have pulled this movie up anyways. Leon "acts" in this movie, hahaha, I'm joking. Cecilia once again cries and speaks in her darling supercute way. She did much better work in "Fly Me To Polaris" even if that movie was also not too great but still better than this. The best aspect of this movie is its use of location, from the church facade in Macau, the relocated gov't building in Aberdeen(i think?), to a Buddhist temple in Nepal. But I do have to say this movie doesn't travel around too much just probably 5 main locations or so. Some continuity problems also, such as how the characters travel from one side of HK to the other side in one scene.

My ratings is 1.5/4 or 11 yawns out of 10.
Reviewer Score: 3