Killing Rose (1996)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-05-01
Summary: Dull
Watching this film was a surreal experience, like watching another movie. In fact, that is partly true. I had the dubious pleasure a couple of years ago of watching a shot-on-video porn cheapie called Professional Lover, which was quite entertaining. Well, this film has some of the same footage. Namely, most of Cho Boon Feng's scenes are in both films, except here they are shot on film. And, even more strangely, some of the other scenes are shot with the same script but different actors.

I'll watch the great Boon Feng in anything. The guy is a scream. But I thoroughly recommend Professional Lover as by far the more entertaining pic. Killing Rose has awful direction and not much action or sense. The only thing remarkable is the electric green couch they used in half the scenes. Ugh.
Reviewer Score: 2