Anyone But My Wife (1988)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-05-01
Summary: A curiosity
I rented this film, curious for a few reasons. This is a mainland production made in 1988, rated Cat III, but made before the Cat system was introduced.

Plenty of full frontal fems too, of course. This version of the film clocks in at just under 66 minutes, and has been edited nearly to death, with lots of light cuts and even one entire scene sliced out. However, there's some pretty raw stuff left in.This is the ONLY Cat III film I have seen which features full frontal male nudity. Yes, a couple of penises actually make it onto the screen. There is also a close-up of female urination.

This is a real cheapie, and it shows in the colouring of the print. Technicolour it ain't ! Literally half of this film has bright pink-purple bodies going at it hammer and tongs. But the scenery is quite pleasant, and lots of the sextakes place in a river and under waterfalls.

The nude/sex scenes are near the beginning and the end. The first 17 minutes are almost solid sex, then nothing happens for 20 minutes, and the sex'n'skin starts again in earnest around 43 minutes.

The lack of English subs and the mandarin dialogue made it hard for me to work out the story. Two of the male characters are called Simon (a horny prince) and Da Lung (a midget hawker), and the lead actress plays Chin Lin, possibly a reference to Poon Gam Lin.

Far from the worst porn cheapie, but little more than a curiosity.
Reviewer Score: 3